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We will approach as a company that leads the 21st century with our customers by further efforts to
     develop technology-intensive high value-added materials.
Thank you for visiting SAMHWA STEEL’s homepage.

Since 1989,, SAMHWA STEEL has been focusing on new markets through technology development based on our management philosophy, "Creativity, Confidence, Patience and Substantiality" has helped SAMHWA STEEL grow into a specialized and excellent enterprise. Accompanied with the world's best companies ranging from special wire rod sector to areas of cars and the high-tech machinery industry.

Based on our specialized technology skills and through human resources development, we are maximizing value and improved quality for our customers.

Today, we are preparing the cornerstone of a true world-class company. This is the promise of a bright future and our customers.
We will be with you as a world leading company, to accelerate globalization through human resource development, a young company seeking continuous technology development with a bright future.