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IHTW(Induction Heated Quenched & Tempered Spring Wire) is a Spring Wire with outstanding high tensile strength and high fatigue resistance used for suspension spring for automobile, produced by Cold Forming process. This is the 21st Century product which enables cost reduction through light-weight spring wire, ride comfort improvement through quality enhancement and design diversity.
DSW(Deformed Steel Wire) is a flat & shaped spring wire for mold, machinery, automobile parts, produced by Cold Forming process. This cost saving product meets the customers’ demands such as detailed shape, high strength, and durability.
ESW(Energy Saver Wire) is the new generation product which enables cost savings, improved productivity and quality improvements because quality improvement such as impact value improvement as well as excellent cold formation compared to traditional heat-treatment materials in spite of omitted heat treatment process.
PC Steel Bar
There are two kinds of PC steel bar products such as a deformed PC steel bar made with pre-tensioned method and used for concrete pile and a telegraph pole, and a high-strength PC steel bar made with post-tensioned method and used for railway sleepers. The PC steel bar of SAMHWA STEEL is a superior product to prevent relaxation, stress corrosion, delayed fracture.
Titanium Powder
We, Samhwa Steel supply the high purity of HDH Ti powders including Ti-6Al-4V alloy powders by development of the own unique technologies for the precise control of powder purity by research.